Friday, February 20, 2009

Cherry Blossoms Necklace Giveaway!

I have joined a new etsy group called the Eclectic Artisans Team (EART Team). We are having a huge giveaway over on our blog. The giveaways started a couple days ago, but there is still time to enter each one because winners are being selected 7 days from the start date of each giveaway. Each day we are highlighting a new shop and giving something away. I am giving away one of my Cherry Blossom Necklaces. So if you didn't win this necklace a couple weeks ago, you may win this time. To enter to win my necklace go over here and follow the instructions.

Do NOT leave your entry here on my blog.

1 Sweet Comments:

Erin said...

These are beautiful. I'll check that link now.

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