Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear So and So... wk14

Dear Dad,
Happy Birthday!!  Hope you have a wonderful day!
Love, Melanie

(photo of my dad in 1971 when he was 19 yrs old)
Dear Lily,
Please, please stop throwing a fit it's time to brush your teeth.  Daddy even brought you a new special toothbrush.
begging, mommy

Dear Ian,
What possessed you to tell your sister that her new spin brush would zap her?  Seriously?!?! 
Hoping you enjoy being grounded for the rest of the day.
Annoyed, mommy

Dear Jeff,
Loosing .5 lbs is still loosing weight.  Please stop bumming me out.  Your weight will not melt off overnight.  It takes time. 
Your shrinking wife

Dear readers,
My husband & I started Weight Watchers 2 weeks ago and I have lost 5.5lbs so far and my husband has lost 6.5lbs.  We are using the program, but not going to meetings...I have all of the books from when I became a lifetime member years ago. 
The shrinking Melanie

Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for planning an amazing Wine Trip.  I had a fantastic time and can not wait until the next one.  (btw...I want to take a group photo next time of everyone)
Hugs, melanie

Dear new neighbors,
Welcome to the neighborhood.  It was great meeting you.

Dear United States Post Office,
When I mark a package FRAGILE, I expect the package not to arrive to someones house looking like it has been stepped on.  WTH? 
Very Pissed Customer

Dear So and So...

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9 Sweet Comments:

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure Melanie! Thanks for coming along!! :) Amy

Unknown said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these posts! Hope tooth brushing goes better this week - I would tell her that every time she brushes her teeth someone's brother gets zapped and maybe it will be hers. Boys I tell ya - they are a handful! Have a great weekend!

TEFL Ninja said...

Oh I see that the Italian post office is doing its annual cultural exchange at the moment.

Fragile is a euphemism for please jump up and down on the parcel then use it as battering ram for a few police raids here, so I feel your pain.

Braley Mama said...

Way to go on the weight loss! U rock!!!!!

Sawdust Girl said...

Well, 5.5 lbs is something to be excited about. Great job! I love reading your Dear So and So letters.

Susan said...

what is it with Brothers?? I have sooo been there...and actually at times still am, and they are 24 and 23.

Congrats on the weight loss, I need to do it badly.

Happy Birthday to your dad!

Kimberly said...

Dear Melanie's Dad,

Happy belated Birthday.

Dear Melanie and Jeff,

Congrats on the weight loss!

Dear Ian,

Don't tell your mommy, but I am laughing my butt off that you told Lily her new toothbrush would zap her. :)


Ooty said...

sweet post!
Oh and what a great loss on weight! way to go =)

Annette Piper said...

What a fantastic result already! I've started exercising but I could do with some food reduction myself!!

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