Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear So & So... wk10

Welcome to this weeks installment of Dear So & So...

Dear Ikea,
I adore your shop.  I am so excited to get home and hang up my new bedroom curtains.  I am even more excited that they only cost me $14.99 per pair. 
Still doing a happy dance, your loyal customer, melanie

Dear Don Pablos,
You were soooo yummy today!  I miss having a location in Buffalo.  Jeff and I really LOVE your food. 
Still full, melanie

Dear Ian,
If your sister is bothering you...screaming is not going to get her to stop.  I know you are girlied out & bored.  Sorry about that.  
Love you, mommy

Dear Lily,
I know you are in girlfriend heaven. Your brother is not the "bad" fairy...please do not smack him and call him the "bad" fairy.  It's not very nice.
Love you, mommy

Dear Grandma & Grandpa,
It was great to see you.  We had a great time when you came and visited the other day.  Promise I will mail you photos.
Love, melanie

Dear So and So...

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4 Sweet Comments:

Braley Mama said...

these are all so sweet~like little love letters!(well besides the children disagreeing:O)

Annette Piper said...

Oh, I'm so jealous - I want to go to IKEA too - but its 400km away!!!!


I need an IKEA fix. Happy Weekend. Kx

LT said...

What great pictures of the kids and Grandma!!
LOL at the "bad" fairy line!!

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