Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear So and So... wk10

Here is to another week!

Dear Jeff,
I am aware that you are not happy that I have re-arranged the landscaping.  (along with anything else I have changed over the years in this house...which is annoying BTW)  While I love day lilies, there where just too many up front.  They will look much better along the neighbor's front fence (which is U.G.L.Y.).  Not to mention I will now be able to paint the porch now.
Love, your wife

Dear Lily,
You were too cute this week collecting worms and dandy-lions.  Yes, you have to put the worms back in the dirt after or they will die.
Love, mommy

Dear Ian,
Thank you for saving the kids choice awards for me to watch.
Hope you didn't mind that I fast-forwarded through the whole thing.
Love, mommy

Dear melanie,
Please dye me....the gray/white hairs need to go.
...and take me to get a trim to fix the botch job.
waiting patiently, your hair.
PS. buy a new hairdryer...the one that you have burnt me this week. 

Dear So and So...

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5 Sweet Comments:

Braley Mama said...

hahahaha!!! love the rearranging the landscape one, so true!

Samy said...

Cute ;D

I am a big fan of your blog and left an award for you on mine! Check it out here:

Annette Piper said...

I so love these Dear So & So's! LOL on the Kids Choice Awards. I was looking at my gray hair last night and thinking much the same things :)

Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh my goodness!! This is too funny!!! I love it!!

jayayceeblog said...

These are all so cute! I love that he taped the Kids Choice Awards for you. Our granddaughter comes over and after she leaves we'll find a bunch of stuff taped on the DVR that she thought we would enjoy like Hannah Montana.

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