Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy Busy!

Yesterday after our appointment, I was busy making Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell. I still would like to eventually make Jasmine and Princess Tiana (Princess & the Frog). For now these are it. My daughter LOVES all of them and my nieces are going to be sooo excited when they each get a set.

I am also selling them as a set of 5. I know there are more than 5 here, but I am not sure that everyone would want both ariels and tinkerbell, so I figured it would be better to let you choose.

Lily's appointment with the dermatologist went well yesterday. It was just our annual check-up. She was born with a birth mark on her face by her mouth. Within the last year and a half we have been weighing out our options on what to do about it. We have spoken with 2 dermatologists (one I go to and one at our Children's Hospital). It seems that in order to remove the birthmark Lily would have to undergo surgery to remove that portion of her face. Um, yeah...not gonna happen. We still want to meet with a plastic surgeon, but I am pretty sure we do not feel comfortable justifying putting her through something like that. About a year ago she started to get hair on the birthmark, which is normal. Yesterday I asked about having the hair removed. I think having the hair gone will help with the self conscious thing when she hits school. Children can be soooo cruel. We are going to revisit that next year, I guess removing the hair is very controversial in the US, but VERY common in other parts of the world. For now it is what it is...her "Chocolate Birthmark". (Lily came up with that name)

I would like to thank everyone for all of your well wishes yesterday. I am feeling a bit better today. THANK YOU!

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Kimberly said...

People come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, forms, and abilities. And while it's true that kids can be the most cruel, I'd hope to think that they will quickly be won over by Lily's beautiful smile so that all they see is a sweet little girl who just happens to have a unique birthmark. :)

The newest creations are adorable, as always. I love how you've styled their hair particularly. You got PC game my friend!

blueviolet said...

What a darling set that would be! You're really good at this gig! REALLY good!

That would be really hard to put your child through that. I can only imagine what a difficult decision this is. I know how HORRIBLE children can be, so I can understand how much of a concern it is.

She's such a beautiful girl, with or without a little chocolate.

Amy H. said...

Ok first off Lilly is beyond adorable, as you are well aware. Secondly kids are cruel, I can remember the horrible names boys made up when I was in middle school, because of my long skinny nose. Poop on them! But I am sure you are raising Lily to rise above and beyond anything that comes her way.

Now as for those super cute princesses I want and need them all!

New England Girl said...

Oh, kids can be so cruel, but I hope she grows up knowing how beautiful she is with her chocolate birthmark - how adorable! :) I hope that whatever option you choose, it makes her feel more comfortable and at ease.

I also have to say I loove all the princesses in your collection. My favorite has to be Sleeping Beauty, but she always wins out with me. :)

Muthering Heights said...

Those princesses are ADORABLE!!!

And as for your little princess, I know what you mean about kids being cruel, and I would have felt the same way about not wanting to cut into her face!!! That sounds scary for such a little lady!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Melanie, would you believe in all the time I've been following your blog, and enjoying all your photos of Lily, I've never noticed her birthmark, just her beautiful, sweet little angel face! I'd have a very hard time putting my child through that surgery also. She's just such a precious little one!... Your clay princesses are adorable also!
♥ Paulette ;)

Kristin said...


Ooty said...

Lilly is Beautiful girl!!!! My daughter has huge BLUE birthmark all over her back, she is 5 today, and all I can say to you, is that as she grow older birthmark gets smaller - I know that it is not on her face but she and I know what you mean by kids (and adults as well) can be evil ones!! and it is not easy on them (or for mothers)I am positive that you will find to do what's best for you all!! And if hair removal feels right to you then this is what you should do and not need to worry what ppl has to say about it because there is always someone that has something to say!!! Just be there and be strong for you girl <3
Oh and tiny princesses are lovely!!

amylouwho said...

I'm with beedee, I never noticed it either. She is darling!

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