Thursday, August 6, 2009


So it is no secret I LOVE to enter giveaways. I also love to hold them...I look forward to holding more in the future (come back tomorrow, I am having a giveaway). I have won lots of things. There is nothing like receiving an e-mail from a person announcing you won a blog giveaway. Who doesn't like winning things and getting mail?!?!

While most of the time I receive my winnings within a few weeks, within the past few months I have had WAY too many prizes not shipped. While I know that I have won this prize for free, what upsets me is these people are getting free advertising and not being honest. I am upset for myself, the blogs hosting the giveaways and the other people that also may have "WON" a prize from the same vendor.

I understand that this may give these vendors more advertising, but I am hoping that they loose business because of their dishonesty.

Please beware of these vendors or giveaways with these vendors:

Plain Jane Baby - I won a personalized towel of choice in the beginning of May. She has given me and other winners the run around and we all have yet to receive our prizes.

Grosgrain - I am sure you have seen her giveaways. In order to enter you have to do a blog post. I won the Modern Pirate Frock Giveaway in March. I was contacted by another winner whom also have not received their prize. We have tried to contact her and have not heard from her.

Updated to add
- Kathleen from Grosgrain contacted me today (see comments section).
Updated to add - I received my Modern Pirate Frock. She also sent me a skirt. My daughter loves both.

OrchardViewCottage - I won a giveaway in April on her own blog and have contacted her several times and she has ignored me since.

Tote Town - I won a Monogrammed lunch bag in May. They are now ignoring the blog which held the giveaway for them.

I know most people holding giveaways are honest and mail out the goodies. These particular ones are my opinion.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow because I am having a giveaway, and I promise to mail out your winnings. =D

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Ann On and On... said...

Thanks for the info. I also won a giveaway with Grosgrain and never received anything. That stinks because I really admire her style and creativity....
I've had the same thing happen with a few more blogs. Well, a couple bad apples can not ruin the bunch for me... I heart giveaways!

(I'm having one that ends tomorrow!)

The Shopping Mama said...

I'm still so sorry you never received the prize you won on The Shopping Mama. It's so frustrating to me. I hate to say it, but the only trouble I've had it with smaller mom-owned shops - just the type of business I like to support.

I'll be back tomorrow to check out your giveaway. :)

New England Girl said...

Thanks for all of this info! Gosh, people sure can be shady! It's so horrible to use others for advertising purposes, without ever following through on your end of the bargain. I very rarely enter giveaways, but I will avoid these sites/blogs at all costs now! :)


Grosgrain Kathleen said...

Melanie and Ann on and On,
I searched my email for your "" "Ann on and on" and could not find anything. I also searched for "Modern Pirate Frock" and "milkweed skirt" in all my emails and did not find anything.

I sent out the remaining items I had a couple weeks ago to everyone whose name I could match up in my inbox. I figured you hadn't contacted me. But I still have the pirate frock and the skirt which are waiting to go out. If you resend me your address I can get the pieces out this week.

I am very sorry for the delay in sending out your winning piece. I know that these pieces have been from quite a while back and there's no excuse for that long of a wait.

As you might have noticed I haven't been able to post frequently, I have been considering temporarily stepping away from the blog as I have found myself over extended with are expecting a baby in January, moving and switching jobs. Through all of this found I have been procrastinating with the daily duties of maintaining it. But again, if you send me your address you should be receiving your item within the week. If you do not please give me another email.


Anonymous said...

I won a giveaway several months back and was surprised that I finally received it last week!! So maybe there is still hope!


Whimsical Creations said...

Kathleen, I forwarded this info to Ann & I will forward it to the other person who contacted me prior to writing this post.

Krystyn said...

I had one company send me something completely wrong and much smaller than what I won...then they ignored me.

And, another company ignored me and the sponsor because they changed owners, but they haven't fixed it, either! It's very frustrating!

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