Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big Girl Bed

One week ago yesterday, we moved Lily into a big girl bed. The plan was to do it last Saturday, but when I put it up on Friday she was soooo excited so we had to do it Friday. She slept thought the night and has all week. She has always been a great sleeper.The bed frame was mine as a child. My grandmother originally bought the bed set for my aunt when she was little and she used it for a couple years and then it was given to my parents for me. It is an antique bed that has a metal box spring and a shorter mattress. (I also have a dresser that matches, not the one in the photo below...that is Lily's changing table) My son was in the bed until we bought him a new mattress & box spring last winter. Lily's bedding was bought at Ikea when she was less than a year old. I spent hours on Saturday finishing putting her room together. I still need to take more photos of the rest of the room. I do have to share that the curtains are made of pink denim. I found a bolt of it in the clearance section at JoAnn's. There was black fuzzies through it, so they marked it clearance. The fuzzies washed right out. We made 2 sets (4 panels) of curtains for $10!
Here is a photo of my son's newly painted room that I painted on my staycation. This is the true turquoise by Glidden Ian picked out, remember here? The original plan was to put it on one wall and then tint white paint with the rest of the quart and paint the other 3 walls. I LOVED it so much we decided to buy a gallon and paint the rest of the room that color. BTW the paint went on beautifully (it only needed ONE coat!!) and I will definitely buy it again in the future. The walls are bare because I need to re-hang his pictures.

4 Sweet Comments:

Anonymous said...

I love the color of his room! I'll bet he loves it!
Your bed her bed is gorgeous Melanie.
And what a deal on the pink denim! You are just so creative.

mommy4life said...

That headboard is beautiful! and I love the turquoise paint!

Lauranie said...

WOW! Score on that fabric!! It looks great! I love shades of blue on walls, it's just so tranquil! I need to paint a couple of walls around here, but I generally go through that "spurt" in the Spring! It is just TOO HOT and HUMID to open windows around here after April!! :D

Anonymous said...

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