Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday - wk11

Hi!! Welcome to my 11th week of Not Me! Monday!

I certainly was not GLUED to the tv to watch the Michael Jackson tribute on Tuesday. Ummmm...nope...I would definitely find something more productive to do with my time.

I did not take my son to his basketball clinic on Tuesday not realizing he had his crocs on. I would definitely pay attention to what my son puts on his feet. At least he had socks on!

I did not feel guilty about taking my son to his swim lessons this week. It was so cold that the instructors (guy in red shorts in photo below) looked like he was freezing. These photos are from Monday. On Wednesday, it was really cold! So cold my son did not have purple lips when he was done with swimming and I did not make my kids soup for lunch because it was so cold.

I do not dislike the neighbor child and end up sending home alot. You see, I am a person who love kids, especially when they come over to play with my son. But this child is 10 yrs old and is so annoying and drives everyone crazy! I am not sure what is wrong with him (I am pretty sure there is something wrong). Ok, so I am not a bad person for disliking the neighbor kid. *sigh*

I did not spend 2 hours on Saturday (my anniversary) at the DMV with my husband and kids. You see, if my husband or myself want to go over the border to Canada I need a passport or an enhanced license. My license expires in November so I figured if I need to renew it I should get the enhanced one. If I was going to get one my husband should get one, too. So in 2 weeks I will be able to go to Canada and get back into the states without a problem.

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

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6 Sweet Comments:

Jennifer said...

Great NMMs! Happy Anniversary!! I loved the crocs to basketball, the blue lips (I am sorry the water was so cold, I too would NOT have taken photos, and I DO NOT have a neighbourhood kid that has irritated me for 7 years.

Kiy said...

Hey Melanie,

We also have those cards. Pretty cool, actually. We also got one for Emi thinking we'd get across to Canada living just a few short hours from the border. Heh, still hasn't happened. But, it's been pretty useful to have as once I was challenged as to if she was my child ... I had the I.D. to prove it!

BTW, loved the pic's of your kids. Too darling!



Kelsey said...

Such great pictures!

I wasn't glued to the MJ memorial at all either..or to the continuing coverage for a week after. Nor did I stay up til 2 AM watching a special on MSNBC about "Living Life with Michael Jackson". No, Not at all.

Cute blog!

Pretty Things said...

SO awesome NMMs! I look forward to them!

Aleta said...

It's cold for you? Can you send some of that weather to New Orleans. We jump in a pool heated by over 100 degree weather and feel like we're cooking rather than swimming. Adorable pictures!

Family American Style. said...

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