Monday, December 8, 2008


My son has been very upset that we have had no snow to play in. It has snowed a couple times, but never really stuck to the ground. He squealed with delight when he looked out his window on Sunday morning. We had enough snow to play in and he was soooo happy. He kept asking if he could go out side and at 8:30 we finally let him. We all went out to shovel and the kids had fun playing in the snow. I wasn't sure how Lily was going to react because last year she cried anytime she was in the snow. Yesterday she had a ball. Ian is such an inventive little boy. He used the bug catching net to sift the snow so it looked like it was snowing again. Of course Lily has to do everything her brother does....

1 Sweet Comments:

Jamie said...

Oh how fun...I WANT SNOW too, hehe! Glad they had fun :-)

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